Bill continues to unify the
political parties and advance
the goals and objectives of
Hampton Roads.




Promoting public safety, free-market
capitalism, energy independence,
and private-sector job creation
throughout the commonwealth




Continue the tradition
of strong, fiscally responsible
representation for the citizens of
the 8th Senate District by
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Bill DeSteph, Virginia Senator, 8th District

Welcome to the website of Bill DeSteph, Member of the Virginia Senate representing the 8th District in Virginia Beach.

As he did while serving as a member of the Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia Beach City Council over the past decade, Bill has demonstrated his commitment to serving the citizens of Virginia Beach as well as the commonwealth by fighting to maintain low taxes, carefully reviewing municipal expenditures, and reaching across all lines to help make Virginia Beach and Virginia a more dynamic place for citizens, business owners, and our military community.

Bill DeSteph has consistently brought a common-sense approach to the Virginia General Assembly, focusing on job growth and economic development, public safety, and smaller, smarter government. Bill continually seeks opportunities to raise public awareness, improve the general welfare, and secure the commonwealth’s – and our great nation’s – position for the future.

A message from Bill:

I promise I will always serve the citizens of the 8th Senate District with honor and distinction. My vision is to make state government smaller, smarter, and more accountable while focusing on economic development and job creation for Virginia Beach. As always, the core role of government – the safety and security of our citizens – as well as transportation, education, and infrastructure, are my top priorities.


May 19th, 2017 (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) — Senator Bill DeSteph (R-8th District) was named a “Champion of Free Enterprise” by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce at their 93rd Annual Awards Dinner in Richmond last week.  He was also honored as a pro-business legislator by the Hampton Roads Chamber at Wednesday’s “Blueprint Virginia” Luncheon held in Virginia Beach.  In addition to the “Champion of Free Enterprise” Award, Senator DeSteph received the “Advancement of Technology & Innovation” Award, recognizing his efforts during the 2017 General Assembly. 

 Each year, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce develops a Legislative Report Card based on the priorities of Virginia’s business community, commending legislators for their support of initiatives that help move Virginia forward.  “We are pleased to recognize Senator Bill DeSteph with the Advancement of Technology and Innovation Award for his legislation that provides a framework for emerging technologies to take root in Virginia,” said Barry DuVal, president and CEO of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. “Senator DeSteph also distinguished himself in the 2017 General Assembly session with his consistent voting record in support of policies that lead to long-term economic growth, earning the Champion of Free Enterprise Award.

DeSteph is currently serving his first term in the Senate of Virginia, having previously served as the Delegate representing the 82nd District, and a Virginia Beach City Councilman.  A member of the Virginia Board of Workforce Development and the Manufacturing Development Commission, DeSteph has consistently supported policies that promote economic development and job creation.

According to DeSteph, “I am committed to creating an environment where our families and businesses can thrive.  A robust economy, supported by a strong job market, is the best way to accomplish this.  I am proud of my 100% grade from the Virginia Chamber and honored to be recognized for my efforts to support our business community.”

Bryan Stephens, chairman and CEO of the Hampton Roads Chamber adds, “The Hampton Roads Chamber is unapologetically pro-business.  That’s why we are so proud of Senator Bill DeSteph and his efforts in the General Assembly to make Virginia the best place in the nation to do business.  His 100% grade by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce is a strong testament to his unwavering commitment to enhancing our economy, creating good, high paying jobs and taking care of our families.”

Senator Bill DeSteph has a lifetime A+ rating with the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.


Voting Matters


In recent years, we have witnessed elections won or lost by about a dozen votes. Every vote matters. In a more recent race, when all the ballots were counted, only 9 votes separated the candidates. So please don’t even let anyone tell you that your vote doesn’t matter-it most certainly does.

About Virginia’s 8th Senate District

The 8th Virginia Senate District has over 174,000 residents divided among 35 voting precincts. The 8th Senate District includes the Virginia Beach Oceanfront from the the eastern half of the Lynnhaven Inlet on Shore Drive to the North Carolina border and includes First Landing State ParkBack Bay National Wildlife Refuge, NAS Oceana and CDSA Dam Neck Naval Station.

Each Senator is elected from a separate and distinct district for a term of four years. All Senators’ terms begin and end at the same time. Every four years the Senate reorganizes after the general election in which the members are elected. A Senator represents approximately 200,000 citizens of the commonwealth. District lines are drawn after the Federal Census every 10 years so that each Senator represents the same number of Virginians. The last redistricting of our state districts occurred in 2011.